what we do is Simple...

Simple Ministries operates legally and in cooperation with all agencies and ministries within Asia applicable to the distribution in country.  The Bibles are printed in their language, then distributed directly from our hands to theirs.

We have built relationships over the years that assist us in making this a straightforward and simple outreach.  If a child reading can change his life, then a child of God reading the Bible can change the World!

How many books are in your house, on shelves, on digital devices?  How many Bibles do you own in your language that you can read anytime you like?

Now imagine you cannot afford any book because it would cost you around 10% or more of your yearly income.

Enter Simple your family a book, a Bible in your very own language, for you to own, for free!  You can take this home and everyone from great-grandfather to toddler can be taught with literacy and love!

What we take for granted, and have in boxes in storage, or dusty on shelves; someone on the other side of the world would treasure.

​Very simple.