Missie H. Dowey

Chief Executive

Dr. Greg Dowey

International Liaison, Lead Teacher, Master Class Instructor.

The Because of Rachel Initiative provides Bibles and Children's Literature in Mandarin and native dialects to kids in all parts of China. Started from tragedy, this project continues to impact thousands of lives...forever. When you see the purple heart in our literature, these have been donated Because of Rachel.



This past year allowed us to place thousands and thousands of Bibles into the hands of people in China that have never owned a Bible of any kind. One church shared a single English copy of the Bible. Now, each person has their own copy in their own language and dialect!!!

Meet Our Team

Karen G. Hulvey

Volunteer Coordinator

the key to simple

It's Simple.

Changing the World with Love and Literacy


Pray. Give. Go.

"Don't ever quit, just keep it simple."

2 Timothy 4:2


Because of Rachel

If a child or adult can change his or her life by learning to read, then a child of God reading the Bible can change the World!

Anywhere in the world, that books are needed, we will go. Our ministry began in rural China, yet has now extended to all areas around the World. Countries we have recently worked are in Asia, Africa, North and South America, and the islands! 

We have new opportunities that present themselves weekly!

     It is more than just words

Simple Ministries is constantly, reaching into communities throughout the world. We cannot do this without your support and prayer.  Whether you are an individual, civic or social group, church, Sunday School Class, corporation, or foundation, WE NEED YOU.


Sharon I. Pratt

Board Director