How many books do you own in your home? How many bibles? Are they all in a language you can read? If a book cost 1/4 of your income, how many would you own? This is the reality for most of the people we are reaching. If owning and reading a book can change your outlook and perspective, imagine how owning a bible you can read can change your life! 

Missie Dowey


because of Rachel

Our purple heart initiative provides Bibles and Children's Literature in China. Started from tragedy, love and literacy are being spread Because of Rachel.

A lady in the congregation that I handed a Bible to, had tears in her eyes receiving this Bible. Seeing that filled my heart with an overwhelming joy. To be able to give someone a Bible who has never before owned one, to witness how grateful this woman was, brought me to tears.

Karee Richardson

Distribution Volunteer

why we do what we do


You can go with us and give with us.  Each major distribution we assemble teams to go hand deliver Bibles and teach people how to use them. Join us.

pray. Give. Go.

We need your prayer every single day.

We need your tax deductible gifts to reach more people.

​We need you to go with us.

10,000+ - Mandarin bibles hand delivered

300+ - Teachers and Pastors trained to to use study bibles/given study bibles and how to teach from them

12,000+ - Children's literature given in only our 2nd year providing child specific outreach

15 - New villages and towns entered into including areas in the Northeastern provinces

4 countries, numerous states and cities, and more doors opening each day

The face at the end tells SIMPLY WHY